Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Eat-Slow Dog Food Bowl

The Eat Slow - Be Healthy Dog Food Bowl
Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?
Slow Your Pet Down!
If you let your dog eat too fast, you risk health complications like GDV or Bloat. Slowing them down also reduces re-eating and associated problems. The Eat-Slow dog food bowl prevents this.
Helps reduce the risk of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or 'Bloat')
Slower eating makes an animal feel more full and reduces instances of 're-eating'
Veterinarian tested and recommended
Works with kibble or canned food
Safe, no-tip shape
Durable, dishwasher safe plastic
Your dog will, naturally, not like this bowl and may be resistant to using it. This is normal. For health and safety reasons, this product cannot be returned.
Which Bowl is Right for my dog?
The Small Eat-Slow bowl works well for Daschunds, toy breeds, ‘flat-face’ dogs, and cats.
The Medium Eat-Slow bowl provides for most dog sizes of Beagle to Bernese Mt. Dog
Plastic $21.99
Metal $36.00

FAQ'sQ. What are the risk factors for bloat (GDV)?A.
High risk age group (large dogs and older than 5 years or ‘giant’ dogs and older than 3 years)
Deep, narrow chest compared with other dogs in the same breed
Having any first degree relative with history of GDV
Using a raised food bowl
Being a faster eater compared with other dogs
To reduce the risks, that owners can control, we recommend to split feeding (morning and evening meals), and use Eat Slow Dog bowls on the ground.Q. What is GDV or Bloat?
A. This is a term that is synonymous with the more scientific term" Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus." It is often called GDV. That means that a dog's stomach distends with air to the point that it goes into shock and may die.
Dilatation means that the stomach is distended with air, but it is located in the abdomen in its correct place. Volvulus means that the distention is associated with a twisting of the stomach on its longitudinal axis.
Q What other problems come from dogs eating too fast?A. Some problems with eating too fast: Dogs vomit occasionally, for several reasons. If a dog feels a little queasy, she can voluntarily vomit to relieve the irritation. In fact, occasionally a dog will eat a huge meal, vomit it up, and eat it again. Veterinarians don't know why dogs do this - but perhaps this is a cure to deal with the problem of their eyes getting bigger than their stomachs.
Q. The Eat Slow Dog bowl slides all over the floor when my dog eats. Why didn't you put a non-slip edge on the bottom?
A. Allowing the bowl to slide adds that much more time when eating... if you so not wish the blowl to slide, you can place it on a non-slip surface.
Q. My cat eats too fast. When will you make a brake-fast bowl for cats?A. We believe the Small bowl will be able to be used for cats too.Q. How do I keep my dog from chewing up his brake-fast bowl.A. After he eats, pick the bowl up..Q. What is PTFE that the metal bowl is coated in?A. PTFE is a commonly used, non-stick coating for cookware, industrial and medical uses.Q. Will the PTFE coating scratch?A. Yes.
Q. Is using PTFE harmful?A: We do not believe it is and we have been cooking our food in PFTE-coated pans for 30+ years.
Q. Are there any dangers assocated with PFTE?A: At very high heat (> 540 degrees) poison gas can emit from PTFE, However, if the temperature of your brake-fast dog food bowl is at, or near, 540 dgrees you have much more pressing issues at hand.Q. Is the metal brake-fast bowl microwave safe?A: No. The metal brake-fast bowl should not be on any direct heat source (stove or oven).

Echo:I have not seen any of the regurgitation issues or burping that my dog had with his other bowl, and I am truly impressed with the performance- and the fact that the bowl does exactly what you say it does--Carey Y
Conner:Hi, I cannot believe how great this bowl works. I too have a Doberman who can eat a bowl of kibble faster than a speeding bullet! But..... not any more with his new dish. I just love itl, No more regurgitation, or other problems associated with speed eating. I love my bowl, can't wait until you come out with the larger sizes. I have 3 Dobermans, and only one of them eats like a lady! Keep up the good work!--Cindy
Fantastic product, thanks so much for immediate shipping, our female Vizsla was rescued from a home with four dogs, she would eat her bowl of food under 60 seconds, the very first time she used it we were so happy to see her chew her food and eat slowly, it takes her three times longer to eat which has helped her digestion. Thanks for introducing this great product.Dan & Shirley
I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the bowl! There is a significant change in the amount of time my Bernese Mountain Dog takes to eat and he actually CHEWS his food, not just gulps it now. It is a great product and I've already recommended it to other Berner owners looking for help with slowing down fast eaters and preventing bloat.--Julie
We purchased one of your bowls, We were extremely pleased at how well it works. We have a 6 mo lab puppy that ate her food in 30 seconds or less, no joke, and it has solved her bolting her food down. Thanks for excellent service, and an excellent product. I am telling all my friends about your bowl--Jodi
Boo:You have an excellent product. It has helped tremendously. Thank you for an excellent product and customer service.--Jodi

Murphy:I received my dog bowl today and just used it for the first time. All I can say is kudos to the team for this one! Our one year Yellow Lab has virtually inhaled his meals in way under 60 seconds since his recent hip surgery when his portions were significantly cut back for several weeks. Feeding time became a frenzy for him to such an extent that we all worried this bad habit would eventually catch up with him.Well I am please to announce that "Mr. Under-a-Minute&Breathless" took almost 4 mins to satisfy himself the bowl was indeed empty. Unprecedented!This may not sound like much to anyone unfamiliar with the Piranha like feeding frenzy of this puppy...but we all stood around amazed and he actually seemed to enjoy the challenge. The bowl made it around the kitchen twice as he licked, looked and lapped at it. Amazing! My son calls it Murphy's Lego Bowl and I think we will all enjoy his mealtime a bit more now.Thanks for your great product!--Linda P



Hi,My name is Carole and I also work in the pet products industry. I saw your bowl in the last issue of PPN and was very intrigued by it. And more so now that my latest foster dog has arrived and gulps his food down in less than 20 seconds. He is a 1 year old, 74 pound English-style chocolate lab and in desperate need of this type of bowl.
I got the bowl yesterday and my foster dog, Jackson, has slowed his eating (2 cups of dry food) from 10 seconds to about a minute now.
Thanks again, the product really seems to work.


I have had my minature schnauzer, Grady, for 6 years and he ate so fast that I had to feed him on a dinner plate (suggestion from the Internet). For these 6 years, he would eat, throw up because he ate so fast, and re-eat the food which was not even digested and some not even chewed, everyday. I have been using your bowl for about two weeks now, and he has not even thrown up once. Thank you!

Your dog will, naturally, not like this bowl and may be resistant to using it. This is normal. For health and safety reasons, this product cannot be returned

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