Wednesday, April 22, 2009 web of the week - Frisco and Joey's Mission

As you all know by now I love to find and research organizations (no matter how big or how small!) that specialize in helping senior and handicapped pets. One of our facebook friends suggested Frisco and Joey's Mission as our web of the week! Please visit their MySpace Page amd become their friend and show your support!

Frisco and Joey's Mission is an organization protecting and preserving the rights of senior and special needs pets, because every pet deserves to be loved!
Frisco and Joey’s Mission:

How it all started Misty Avery and Jess Hoedeman met while working at PetSmart. Misty worked in the Grooming Salon, and Jess at Banfield the Pet Hospital; having an obvious love for animals, they soon became close friends and shared their rescue experiences. Jess fostered pets for another rescue group at that time. One of these animals was a cat, later renamed Starr, that had the feline version of Cerebral Palsy. Misty fell in love with and adopted Starr and started her love of special needs pets. When the opportunity arose to start a new rescue group, Jess approached Misty first. After adopting Starr and caring for her senior dog, Frisco, she jumped at the chance. Shortly before Jess decided to start a new group, Misty’s family lost Frisco to an enlarged heart at the age of 13 1/2 years old. Jess had also lost her rescued senior lab Casey Joe or “Joey” in February 2008. In memory of them, it was named “Frisco and Joey’s Mission”. The Goals of Frisco and Joey’s Mission Frisco’ and Joeys Mission’s goal is to save special needs and senior pets from euthanasia in animal shelters. Often labeled “unadoptable” or “hard to place”, these animals are euthanized without ever being given a chance to find a new home. Most shelters and their staff also don’t have the resources to properly care for these animals until they are adopted. People are sometimes put off by the words “senior” or “special needs” when reading pet descriptions. We would like to educate the public and possible adopters about these pets and how they can make great companions, just like a dog or cat without disabilities or health issues. Some of these animals only need slightly above average care from “normal” pets. A little extra love can go a long way for an animal that doesn’t understand why they are always chosen last, because they don’t know they have special needs. They want a loving home just like every other dog and cat. Their rescuers just ask that you understand and address their extra needs.

Frisco and Joey’s Mission
P.O. Box 1438
Kalkaska, MI 49646

President & Co-Founder: Misty Avery

Vice President & Founder: Jess Hoedeman
231-645– 0394

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