Friday, April 03, 2009

Journey's End Animal Sanctuary

Skippy Has Wheels thanks to [Photo]SKIPPY HAS WHEELS!It’s a BIRD, It’s a PLANE, No, it’s SUPER SKIPPY!!!...ON WHEELS!From Pawsmopolitan Magazine:Yes, you heard it right. Skippy HAS Wheels! Walkin’ Wheels, that is.This four legged fireball is on a roll and he’s not going to stop until he’s running on his own back legs someday soon.Skippy is a one year old hound mutt living the best life a handicapped pet could ever live at Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary. He was born with bone spurs and has lived his first 9 months in a cage that is not large enough to support him standing. Fortunately, Journey's End got word that Skippy needed a new home and they welcomed him into their family.When our friends at Handicapped Pets heard that Skippy was in need of wheels, they were determined to get him up on his feet. If you are not familiar with Handicapped, they are a wonderful group of people dedicated to helping pets that have cancer, a terminal illness, arthritis, paralysis, or other health problems. Please take the time to visit their website,Journey’s End isn’t your typical rescue shelter. Dog’s, cat’s, sheep, horses, chicken’s, and pig’s roam free among the grounds ~even Skippy... In fact, if you get a chance, go see Skippy. Ask him to play fetch with you. You'll be amazed at how much fun you will have. If you're lucky, he may even introduce you to his best gal pal, Lilo. She is a paraplegic pitt-bull mix who rides around in a wagon custom built for her.Journey’s End is a non-profit organization that takes in abused, neglected, and disabled animals to live out the rest of their existence. They function solely on donations alone. For information on how you can assist Journey's End, please call Florence Thuot at (386) 736-6396.Thank you to the folks at Pawsmopolitan magazine for this story.
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