Thursday, April 02, 2009

Paws for Comfort

After blogging I immediately start to stress over what I'll write about next week. How will I find another organization as great as the last? Life is funny and this week my "web of the week" came to me through my personal EBay account. My buyer, Mitsi, was having trouble cashing out and called me to express her concerns. Through conversation (I'm good at making friends with anyone who is willing to talk), she explained to me that she runs a non-profit organization. I was quick to ask her what her organization was. not only believes in the products they make for the disabled and aging pet, but stands behind other rescues, shelters, and organizations that work hard for the benefit and well being of all animals. Well it didn't turn out that Mitsi's non-profit was animal related but she was extremely excited to fill me in on an organization that she has worked with in the past, Paws for Comfort. I immediately googled Paws for Comfort and was thrilled to read up on this terrific organization. You see, is not only thrilled to help disabled and senior pets, but is extremely happy to see pets helping disabled and senior people as well!

Paws for Comfort® is developing a unique program for people with chronic pain who respond to heat therapy.Xolos for Chronic Pain Relief™ (X-CPR™) is a service dog placement program which Paws For Comfort® envisions as a way to help others experience this amazing source of relief and comfort. Of course, all animals offer us companionship and comfort, and Xolos are not “better” than any other breed of service dog.
What is unique about Xolos is that they provide a service most other breeds can't: they are non-edible “Hot Dogs”! Their history of being “heating pads”, dates back 3500 years to the Ancient Aztecs, and in fact, Xolos were actually eaten because they believed the healing powers of the dogs would cure them when ingested (not recommended now!).
Like many other service dogs, Xolos are highly intelligent. They can be easily trained to do any service task (except for pulling a wheelchair, though they would try if it pleased you!).Pink, Toaster’s hairless female, is an incredible retriever that sometimes it seems she must have golden retriever blood in her line somewhere! She knows over 14 items by name, including four remote control units of the entertainment system, the cell phone and cordless phone, and her newest trick is to retrieve the printer paper as it comes out of the printer! Without command!She can pull off socks and pull sleeves off sweaters to help undress, and can even pick up a coin or a credit card off the floor. These are but a few of the amazing things she can do with that tiny little mouth and not many teeth!
X-CPR breeding program is designed to match Xolo puppies with persons living with chronic pain conditions which respond to heat. These are some of the Xolos placed to be of service to owners with FMS, Arthritis, and other conditions with muscle pain.
Click here to get involved with X-CPR™.CBS is doing a story on Paws for Comfort next week. The will be live on ch 8, 5pm news! Maybe their website too! Pink will be performing her amazing 3 legged no teeth retrieval tricks.
Check out to see photos of some of Pink's amazing tricks!

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