Friday, April 03, 2009

Pets With Disabilities

Every once in a while I stumble over a website or an organization that I feel needs to be brought to folk's attention. That maybe, out of the clear blue, someone needs to acknowledge them. We social network folks would call it "a shout out", a "thumb's up" or perhaps some "kudos." Although I work for - I still feel I should take the time to highlight other companies with the same values and work ethics they believe in. As someone once said, "it takes a village to raise a child". Well, it takes an awful lot to raise and keep our animals safe too. I mean all animals, not just those who reside in our homes.
This week I happened upon It was clear to me, after searching through their website, it was high time they had a little recognition. It is no secret that rescue programs and shelters have a very challenging role in this world, especially in these trying economic times. Now try to imagine finding homes for disabled animals. Not an easy job. Please visit and please feel free to forward it on to others. We all know what word of mouth (or the world wide web) can do for these organizations looking for donations to stay afloat. While you are there, check out the story of Duke. He has a resume longer than most! He has been featured in Dog Fancy Magazine, Prevention Magazine, and Delta Sky Magazine - to name a few. Duke was on the Today Show, graduated college and visits the veterans.Read a small clip I stole from
Joyce Darrell and her husband Michael Dickerson with their petsJoyce Darrell, along with her elevator mechanic husband Michael Dickerson, founded the Pets with Disabilities organization in 2000.Their lives were changed forever after their rescue dog Duke broke his back playing as a puppy. Having nowhere to turn for help in caring for him, they decided to create their own organization that provided helpful resources on with pets with disabilities. Soon after, the story of Duke (and later Misty, another wheelchair-bound dog) helped raise awareness about disabled pets to thousands of people worldwide.The grassroots organization and Web site,, have provided support and information to animal caretakers whose pets suffer from birth defects or have become disabled due to illness or injury. The couple travels all over the country promoting their mission: provide a positive voice for dogs and cats with disabilities that desperately need homes.Powerful spokesdogs Duke and Misty have been featured on NBC’s Today show, as well as in Prevention and Dog Fancy magazines. They’re also always the center of attention at every pet exposition they attend!Joyce recently finished writing a book about dogs with disabilities. It will be available in bookstores and online in June 2007. Extraordinary Dogs (The Lyons Press) is a compilation of fifty heartwarming, against-all-odds profiles of dogs with disabilities that have an unwavering zest for life.Mike and Joyce live in Prince Frederick, Maryland, along with their huge menagerie of furry friends with disabilities.
If you know of any organizations that help with handicapped, elderly, or disabled animals, please forward them to me. We would love to feature them in our blogs which are shared with over 25 social network sites!

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