Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Handicapped Pets Foundation

Our new foundation provides low or no-cost wheelchairs to animals in need. It's a place where you can help with your donations, no matter how small. Soon you'll see listings of dogs with proven needs for help and be able to donate. You can make a contribution online. Handicapped Pets Foundation is in process of applying for its 501(c)(3) tax exempt designation from the IRS.
Listen to Rex Trailer's song "It's Yer Dawg!" and share it with friends.
To learn more about the foundation and to support our efforts, click here.

Over 5 Years ago, Mark C. Robinson created so that pet caretakers would have a place to go to get help and advice from others. Well, this puppy has grown! Our Help & Advice Forum now has over 62,000 pages of messages from people helping one another; categorized and searchable. If you don't need help now, you can draw on your experience to help others. It's a wonderful community. See Our Classified Ads are there as well.

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