Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Handicapped Pets High Performance Dog Boots

These high performance boots are thicker, more durable, and very rugged. The fit of the boot is more critical as it will not stretch.
Protects against road chemicals, lawn treatments, and salt
Protects from burns due to hot asphalt and tar Gives dogs confidence on slippery surfaces like hardwood floors Aids soft tissue wound management Helps prevent scrapes and accompanying nerve damage Foul weather gear for rain, snow, mud and ice Sporting/Police dogs: guard from foreign bodies

Thick rubber sole provides support and insulation

Construction Features:
Water resistant and durable neoprene shell
Moisture absorbing liner to keep pet drier
Easy care: wash and line

Go to Handicappedpets.com and check out all the terrific products they have for aging and disabled pets of all types! Questions? Write to: Messages@Handicappedpets.com or call 888-811-7387 and talk to their experienced customer service department

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