Thursday, June 11, 2009's Story of Fandango

Rescued Dog Receives the Gift of Mobility from Children - Tri-state Effort in Georgia, New Hampshire and Oklahoma Makes Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair a Reality for Fandango

In an overcrowded shelter in Georgia, Fandango had little hope of being adopted. He had been found as a stray so there wasn't any information about his background. He was struggling to walk, and it appeared as though he may have been hit by a car. He had mange and tested positive for heartworm.

From "down and out" to "up and about", Fandango expresses gratitude to his foster care provider Kathi Taylor after receiving his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from Fandango is an injured pit bull that was found wandering as a stray in Georgia. He received the gift of mobility in Amherst, New Hampshire thanks to the compassionate efforts of children in Oklahoma.

And he was a pit bull - a breed that is frequently misunderstood and incorrectly labeled as always being dangerous. Fandango's attitude, however, was one of pure joy and excitement. He won the hearts of shelter workers and volunteers who were determined that he would find a good home. In an effort to expand the number of people who would consider him for adoption, a brief video of Fandango playfully seeking attention was posted on You Tube

"That video did it for me. I just knew I had to rescue him," explained Kathi Taylor who watched the video from her computer in Derry, New Hampshire.
Kathi frequently provides foster care for rescued dogs that require medical attention and socialization prior to permanent placement in a new home, and she has extensive experience with pit bulls.
Kathi is also a member of the social network on MySpace and Facebook, so she was familiar with the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair and hoped to raise enough money to purchase one for Fandango. However, the costs of medical treatment for Fandango's heartworm and mange were extensive and funds were limited. Kathi contacted the Handicapped Pets Foundation in late April to inquire about financial assistance.
During this time, a fourth grade teacher named Kathy Barton and her students in Velma, Oklahoma were in search of candidates in need of pet wheelchairs as part of their "How do you teach compassion?" humane education program. Through a combination of classroom instruction, special projects, interaction with handicapped animals and fundraising efforts, children learn the importance of accepting differences and protecting and providing for those who cannot speak for themselves.
Fandango gained acceptance despite his differences and was one of the pets Kathy Barton's students selected to receive a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. The dog who was once "down and out" suddenly became "up and about" thanks to the gift of mobility from compassionate children.
Since 2005, Ms. Barton and her students have provided wheelchairs for more than a dozen animals. This year, Kathy and her students raised enough funds to provide wheelchairs for a total of five pets. Among this year’s recipients for wheelchairs are a cat named Hugs from Washington, a 9-year old Labrador/Boxer mix named Nigel from New York, a Pit Bull named Fandango from New Hampshire, a three-legged Labrador retriever named Sierra from California, and Bella - an injured Boxer that lives in Peru. provides everything – products, services, and support – pet caretakers need to help their disabled, injured, or elderly pets enjoy healthy, happy, active lives. The company's signature product is the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair - the industry's only fully adjustable dog wheelchair that can be ordered online and is available for next day delivery. The veterinarian approved Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is comfortable and stylish, and it folds flat for convenient travel with your canine companion. Additional information is available online at or call (888) 811-PETS.

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