Friday, June 26, 2009

Hope the Boxer with Her Walkin' Wheels from

At you can find inspiring stories and testimonials. Check out this photos of Hope the Boxer.

This is what Hope's mom had to say....
The new tube-style back leg rings are working very well. Hope is more comfortable in it. Hope has began to use her right foot to walk in her cart, I think the the rear strut is now too short and she needs the taller strut. When she was completely paralyzed in the rear it appeared too tall for her but now that she can stand with the right rear leg she stands above the harness. Thank, Rachel
[Handicapped Pets Replies].
What a sweet little girl! Looks happy, too! It is normal for a pet's changing health to require adjustments to the cart. If the height is beyond the range of the wheel/strut you have now, we'll send you a large one that you can snap into place.

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