Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handicapped Pets Wants to Help Lil' Bella Get Some Walkin' Wheels

The list of animals in need of our help both physically, financially, and spiritually is endless. There is no blog that could ever cover their needs. I have never been more aware of this, until I took on the job of Handicappedpets.com's social net worker. I look at posts and photos from our network sites with my hand over my eyes as if I'm watching my first scary movie. Ignorance is blind. I personally felt like I was some superhero due to the fact that I cared for my own special needs pet and grew up with parents forever mending a broken wing, a cat damaged chipmunk or whatever came across our path. To be exposed to this world's ignorance has been both shocking and eye opening.

Handicapped pets fell into my lap, literally. A stay at home mom who coincidentally was searching for a way to make extra money to help with the financial strain of a senior pet stricken with diabetes, allergies, lameness, and deafness. The list goes on and so do the bills. How ironic - to find a job from Handicapped Pets for my own handicapped pet. You can't make that stuff up!

So here is my plea, my own social networking goal. I want to help another pet in need. Click on the link below and read Bella's story. Please consider donating. If you can not donate then share this with others, because maybe they can. Let's help this puppy that has not had the best life so far. To be born healthy and now suddenly paralyzed at a time when she should be running, jumping, and yes, causing chaos! If I had the chance to have my senior lab young enough again to be putting holes in my son's sweatshirt from tugging at him, digging holes in my gardens without my knowledge, and escaping our boundaries to greet neighbors I'd do it in a heart beat. Lets let Bella be a puppy - she can do that with the adjustable Walkin' Wheels from Handicappedpets.com thanks to Mark C. Robinson.

Please go to http://hpets.org/pets-who-need-help/10-lil-bella-needs-a-dog-wheelchair.htmlheelchair.html and read her story. Contribute whatever you can and share this blog or link with as many as you can. Make sure you put Bella's name on the purpose line of your contribution. She has the right to be a puppy too!

I have never used my networking for such begging, but I think my passion stems from seeing my own friend, Sasha, literally in her final days. The thoughts of another just coming into her prime with so many cards stacked against her breaks my heart. Please consider contributing to Bella's wheels!


amy said...

BELLA most importantly needs a HOME and a FAMILY. If you can help, please contact Gina: farnsworth16@cox.net

HandicappedPets.com said...

Great News! Update on Bella...Handicapped Pets Foundation has raised enough money for Bella to get a set of Walkin' Wheels Adjustable Wheelchair for dogs! Story to follow...

HeatherAnne said...

I met Bella two weeks ago at when she was visiting Best Friends. She has a lot of energy and get around great...in fact she zooms around in her cart. She is a loving girl with a lot of sass and character. Please consider helping this very deserving young gal!