Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Walkin' Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Receives Patent!

Pet Industry’s First Fully Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Receives Patent
Walkin’ Wheels is Transforming Mobility for Handicapped Pets

Amherst, NH - (July 1, 2009) Mark C. Robinson, President and Founder of HandicappedPets.com, set out over five years ago to design the ideal solution for dogs who could not walk - an adjustable dog wheelchair. HandicappedPets.com customers and contributors to the Help & Advice forum provided their insights and ideas.

“I wanted our customers to have a product that was fully adjustable, stylish and transportable so that the wheelchair would provide comfort yet still accommodate a dog’s changing needs,” Robinson explained.

Dog owners are often in emergency situations and want to assist their companions as quickly as possible, but customized dog wheelchairs require complicated measurements and can take up to two weeks to design and build.

The newly patented Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair requires only four simple measurements, can be ordered online, and is available for next day delivery.

“Being awarded this patent after 5 years of work is a significant accomplishment, and I find myself frequently glancing over at the framed certificate. But the real joy is in the knowledge that today there are more than a thousand dogs walking and playing with their families because of the work of the engineers, vendors, and team members who made this happen with me,” commented Robinson.

About HandicappedPets.com

HandicappedPets.com provides everything – products, services and support – thatpet caretakers need to help their disabled, injured or elderly petsenjoy healthy, happy, active lives. The company’s signature product is the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair – the industry’s only fully adjustable dog wheelchair that can be ordered online and is available for next day delivery. The veterinarian approved Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is comfortable and stylish, and it folds flat for convenient travel with your canine companion. Additional information is available online at http://www.handicappedpets.com/ or call (888) 811-PETS(7387)

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