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Dog Wheelchairs: A Beginner's Guide

Dog Wheelchairs: What you need to know before buying.

A Dog Wheelchair is a device that a dog sits in so they can walk, run, and play even though their back legs do not work anymore. This can happen due to injury, car accident, cancer, degenerative myelopathy (DM), arthritis, and a number of spinal problems and diseases. Often, it's as simple as a dog's back goes out. In the past, when a dog could no longer walk, the pet was put to sleep. This is no longer necessary, especially if the dog is otherwise healthy and happy. With the help of a Dog Wheelchair, these animals can live long, happy, healthy lives as they run, play, swim, and more. At the end of this article is a link to a video of a Golden Retriever running through the woods and jumping in the lake in a dog wheelchair.

There are several brands of Dog Wheelchairs, also called Dog Carts and Canine Carts (K9 Carts), on the market. Major manufacturers include,,, and More. In the past, these had to be custom made; fitted precisely to the dog. The dog's owner would have to take up to 13 exact measurements and wait two to three weeks for the wheelchair to arrive. Now, with the invention of the Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair by, this is not the case only one approximate measurement is needed and wheelchairs can be delivered next day.

Custom pet wheelchairs have several serious drawbacks. ¢ They require a large number of exact measurements.

¢ They do not always fit when they arrive, involving shipping back to the manufacturer. ¢ If the dog's health changes, the wheelchairs need to be re-built.

¢ Because they are custom made, they are not returnable.

¢ Larger dog wheelchairs are bulky and difficult to take with you. Many will not even fit in the back seat or trunk of a car.

¢ They are difficult to re-sell because they are made for one specific size dog

¢ They do not tend to look very good; made of PVC or tubing.

All of the problems have now been solved. Ever since the invention of the Walkin Wheels in 2008, dog wheelchairs have become an entirely different type of product. Because they are adjustable, they are available immediately, have a decent return policy, and a great re-sale value. They can be adjusted, without tools, if the dog's health changes and fold flat with the twist of a knob so they are really easy to take with you.

Some of the most common questions include:

Will My Dog Be Comfortable in wheelchair?

YES: The Adjustable wheelchair can be fit to the dog. Options in harnessing systems allow for any dogs comfort.

Can my Dog do his business in a dog wheelchair?

YES: The harnesses are designed to allow for elimination.

Will a dog wheelchair cure my dog?

You will need to ask your veterinarian. The purpose of the wheelchair is to allow the animal to get the exercise he or she needs to stay healthy.

What do I do when I no longer need the wheelchair.

If you have a custom wheelchair, you will need to find a dog with the exact same measurements. If you have an adjustable wheelchair you can sell it on ebay or donate it to a shelter.

To learn more about dog wheelchairs:

For a great video of a dog in a wheelchair hiking and swimming, see:

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