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Options for Getting a Dog Wheelchair

By: Mark C.

Dog Wheelchair Rentals

When your dog loses mobility in his back legs, it may be time to get a dog wheelchair. If you do, there are several options:

  1. You can purchase a new dog wheelchair from one of the dog cart companies,
    a) You can buy a custom-built dog wheelchair
    b) You can purchase an adjustable dog wheel chair like the one from Walkin Wheels

  2. You can buy a used dog wheelchair from E-bay or the handicapped pets classifieds,

  3. You can build a do-it-yourself (DIY) dog wheelchair from the plans on Handicapped Pets,

  4. You can review the dog wheelchair rental programs available
    Purchasing a New Dog Wheelchair

    New dog wheelchairs come in custom and adjustable configurations. Custom wheelchairs often take two or more weeks to build, require more than a dozen exact measurements and cannot be easily modified later to accommodate your dogs increase or decrease in size or rehabilitative improvements.

    Adjustable dog wheelchairs require only a few approximate measurements, can be shipped the next day and can be fitted to your dogs changing physical and rehabilitative needs. The Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair requires only one measurement in height. Many pet care professionals agree that the custom dog wheelchairs are a thing of the past now that the adjustable dog carts have appeared on the scene.

    Benefits of an adjustable dog wheelchair are clear; they adjust to the exact configuration your dog needs, they can be modified as your dog grows or his health changes and they are really easy to re-sell because dogs of any size can use them. The fold flat adjustable wheelchair, like the one from Walkin Wheels, is even better because it can be shipped and transported easily.

Purchasing a used dog wheelchair.

The only dog wheelchair you should buy used is a completely adjustable one that folds flat. A chair designed for another dog will probably not fit your dog unless he has the exact same measurements. Even dogs of a similar breed have significant variations in height, length and weight. Another reason to buy a folding dog wheelchair is to save on shipping expenses. If the dog cart does not fold flat, you’ll either have to ship it in a huge box, or assemble it yourself.

Dog Wheelchair Rental Programs

How do dog wheelchair rentals work?

Method 1: You pay the entire cost of a dog wheelchair with a 50% buy-back agreement. One dog wheelchair manufacturer (handicapped pets) offers slightly used dog wheelchairs in their rental & buyback program. This is an excellent system and highly recommended. For example, if the cost is $400.00 and you use the dog wheelchair for six weeks, you have paid $35 per week for the use of an excellent canine cart. Alternately, many people who use this rental program post the dog wheelchair on the classifieds and get much more than the 50% back.

Method 2: You pay $109-$339 upfront depending on the size of dog wheelchair required for a rental. Then each week, you pay an additional $30-$70. By week three or 21 days, you will have paid between $169 and $479, and you still do not own the dog wheelchair.

Method 3: Returning the Dog Wheelchair. Some Dog Wheelchair manufacturers promote the idea that you can pay full-price for a dog wheelchair, and then return it for a credit if you do not need it for very long.

The return policies on all but the Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair are pretty dismal. One company has no return policy at all, and another one only gives you back 65% and you must return it within 10 days. If you need it for more than 10 days, you’re stuck trying to find a dog to resell it to that has the exact same measurements as your dog.

We have found that most pet caretakers will opt for the Method 1, a guaranteed 50% buy-back of the dog wheelchair. It’s simple, straightforward, and guaranteed. It also allows you to sell your pet wheelchair on the Handicapped Pets Classifieds or E-bay. Alternately, you can keep the wheelchair or donate it to a shelter or rescue. They LOVE the adjustable dog wheelchairs because they can use it again and again.

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