Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Handicapped Pets Highlights Healing HEART Sanctuary

You must all know by now that HandicappedPets.com likes to highlight special organizations, outstanding people, and animals that make lasting impressions. This week I am excited to highlight Healing HEART Sanctuary in Kaneb Utah.

Healing HEART's mission is:

Healing HEART Sanctuary is devoted to helping animals and children get back on their feet directly or through outreach and program development.
They take in rescued animals that have been injured or disabled and rehabilitate them. They either stay with HHS as a part of our onsite program or when it’s time, they find appropriate adoptive homes for these special needs pets. During the animal’s rehabilitative time at Healing HEART Sanctuary, children who are physically, mentally, or emotionally challenged get the chance to interact with, care for, and help in the recovery process of the animals. The gratitude, joy, and love that the animals express enhances the human-animal bond and helps the children learn, among other things, that happiness need not be dependent upon circumstances.
Healing HEART Sanctuary is also dedicated to raising awareness of the able-ness of animals with disabilities, sharing information and collaborating with the public and other animal and people organizations.

You will remember a few weeks back the Handicapped Pets Foundation featured Bella, a beautiful puppy in need of both a forever home and some Walkin' Wheels to get around. Through our Facebook friends and the Handicapped Pets Foundation we were able to help. Funds were raised for her new wheels and she is currently residing at the Healing HEART Sanctuary being rehabilitated and waiting for her forever home.

Please check out Healing HEART Sanctuary's web site where you will find so many inspiring stories, photos, links for donations etc. Remember too that the Handicapped Pets Foundation has other animals that need your help. Click here to donate.

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