Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Handicapped Pets Web of the Week - Blind Dogs.net

OK, so I'm being a little selfish on this one. I admittedly spent a few hours in Handicappedpets.com's Help and Discussion forum last night researching my own dog. Sasha is now 12 and has been suffering from diabetes for over 3 years now. A common side effect from diabetes is blindness. The help and advise forum posted links to Blinddogs.net. The site had great stories, advise, and left me feeling better that I am not alone in our daily challenges.

Know that whatever you may be going through yourself, whether it is a senior pet, diabetes, amputation..etc you can find answers and comfort at Handicappedpets.com's Help and Advise Forum. Click here to find answers to your questions.

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