Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I Need Advice Before Purchasing a Wheelchair -'s Help and Advice Forum

Below is a question posted on's help and advice forum wall:


We adopted a mixed breed 4 month-old puppy from the SPCA in Apr 08. She was born with a missing right hind leg, just below the knee. This handicap doesn't stop her from running and walking like any 4-legged dogs. However, in order to balance herself, she puts her hind leg in the centre. In this "unnatural" way, her spine is curved. Her hind leg is much bigger at the thigh. Lately, as she gets heavier, she uses her stump when walking and it gets sore and painful. Our fear is that in future, due to this curved spine and strain on the hind leg, she'll develop problems with her spine and achilles tendon on her hind leg. We are thinking of buying a wheelchair for her to use for her morning exercise only . Can anyone share their similar experience?

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