Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Walkin' Wheels Frequently Asked Questions

Walkin' Wheels, Frequently asked Questions.

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Can my dog pee and poop in Walkin' Wheels?

YES. Although the dog cannot 'squat' in the cart, they usually get used to peeing and pooping almost immediately. Watch for it. If your dog does not pee and poop in the cart, take him or her out of the cart to do so.

Will the harness get in the way of my dog's genitals?

NO. Take the harness off the dog and trim it with a pair of scissors so that the neoprene does not cover the genitals. The neoprene material is made to be cut and will not fray or tear. Do not cut the straps underneath the dog.
The loop in the front harness is coming off the end of the cart.

This sometime happens when a highly active dog stretches the loop. We are looking into a different way to manufacture this that will prevent this problem (watch the newsletter for an announcement, you will be offered a replacement if yours has strecthed). In the meantime, the problem can be solved by reinforcing the loop with a tie-wrap, available from us at no charge or from your local hardware store.

My dog is falling backwards in the cart.

Dogs with strong front legs can sometimes lift the front of the cart, pushing the back of the cart down. If this is the case, angle the wheels back a notch or two.

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