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A shared post from the Jason Heigl Foundation

A shared post by the Jason Heigl Foundation ~

MJ, the beautiful paralyzed puppy, was rescued from South LA. She is seven months old and was hit by a car. She has a fractured spine and cannot use her rear legs. Her people did not take her to the vet and let her suffer for two weeks before dumping her at the shelter.

MJ was named after Nancy Heigl's mother, Margaret, and son, Jason, who passed away in the same week in different years. On the anniversary of both of Margaret & Jason's passing we rescued MJ. She represents the Heigl love and spirit.

MJ received a donated wheelchair thanks to With the wheelchair and intense physical rehab there is a good chance that she will be able to be a spinal walker. This means she might be able to walk again but her body won't know it.

She doesn't have control of her bladder/bowels but is NOT in pain at all. This little girl is SOOO happy, an absolute angel and deserves to be surrounded by love.


A wheelchair for MJ – a gift from Sierra and the compassionate efforts of children.

MJ’s plea for help arrived in a forwarded e-mail message indicating that there was a paralyzed, 7-month old German shepherd puppy in need of a foster home. We frequently assist in these efforts by referring rescue groups to the help and advice forum where they can connect with thousands of caretakers of special needs pets.

From this message, we learned that MJ had been hit by a car and suffered a spinal injury. For more than two weeks, her owners did not seek veterinary care and ultimately abandoned MJ at an animal shelter in the Los Angeles area. The shelter called the Jason Heigl Foundation immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late for surgery to assist with regaining her mobility. Had her previous owners sought immediate veterinary assistance, MJ’s prognosis likely would have been different.

Instead, this precious little girl needed a wheelchair to get her walking again. had just the right solution available to assist a growing puppy – a fully adjustable Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, and there was one already located in California waiting to be donated to a dog in need.More than five years ago, began working closely with Kathy Barton, a fourth grade teacher in Velma, Oklahoma who was teaching lessons with her handicapped dog Hope in the classroom. Hope proved to be a wonderful assistant with teaching the children about the importance of compassion and accepting differences in both animals and people. The “How do you teach compassion?” program that Ms. Barton and her students created is now an annual part of the fourth grade curriculum at Velma-Alma Elementary School and is available as a resource to other educators. Part of the program each year involves a fundraising drive to purchase wheelchairs for pets in need.In 2009, one of the pets that received a wheelchair thanks to the fundraising efforts of these children was a three-legged dog named Sierra who lived in California. Sierra was so happy to receive her Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, and she enjoyed being able to venture outside again to playfully chase the neighbor’s cat from her yard. Unfortunately, just a few short weeks after receiving her Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair, Sierra’s health declined rapidly, and she passed away suddenly. Sierra’s owner Melody wanted her Walkin’ Wheels to be donated to another dog in need especially since the children had worked so hard to raise the money to purchase it. assured Melody that we would seek out another special dog and coordinate transferring Sierra’ s Walkin’ Wheels.

As soon as we read MJ’s story, saw her pictures and realized that she too resided in California, we knew that we had found the perfect dog for Sierra’s wheelchair. Since the Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is fully adjustable in length, width and height, it can be easily re-sized to accommodate a growing puppy like MJ.

On behalf of Kathy Barton and her wonderful students, Sierra, Melody and our community of caretakers at, we hope that MJ will live a long, happy, healthy life in her Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair. We are extremely grateful to the Jason Heigl Foundation for their support of MJ and her rescue effort and for providing her with the appropriate veterinary and rehabilitative care to ensure that she finds the perfect forever home.

Contact if you can foster or adopt this sweet baby.

Photos & video of MJ in her wheelchair coming soon!!!!!!Watch MJ's video prior to rehab and wheelchair:

Location: Southern CA

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