Friday, October 16, 2009

Miracle Gets Her Miraculous Walkin' Wheels!

The Handicapped Pets Foundation is thrilled to share the first photo of Miracle in her Walkin' Wheels!

We also wanted to pass along a message of gratitude from Miracle's family to everyone who supported her fundraising effort through donations and sharing her story.

"We have received Miracle's Walkin' Wheels! Attached is a photo of her very first time with her new freedom! As I write this, she has now been in her chair 4 times and is starting to explore the house. She is fighting a battle with herself not to bunny hop, but she has reverse down pat," Miracle's family wrote about her first day.

"We never would have been able to do this without the wonderful help from the Handicapped Pets Foundation and the wonderful people who gave so Miracle could walk again. What a blessing. I will send more photos in the coming weeks. Well, as soon as the rain lets up and we can walk not swim outside. Thank you again everyone for your support."

While Miracle is still adjusting to her new found mobility,'s wheelchair manager Nancy has advised her family to provide a little more rear support by re-positioning her leg ring harness so that it is flush with the Walkin' Wheels frame. The correct position of the rear harness will give Miracle better support and greater comfort.

To see a before photo and story, visit Miracle's page at the Handicapped Pets Foundation website by clicking here. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Miracle. We will continue to share updates, and we look forward to receiving and sharing reports from Loki, Miles, Tiki and Toot.

More approved pets in need will be posted soon at Thank you for making a difference in the lives of handicapped pets!

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