Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rosie the Deer Dashes through the Holidays in a Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

When a custom wheelchair just won't adjust to changing needs, what is a growing deer to do?

This was Rosie the deer's dilemma as she underwent rehabilitation for an injury that she sustained when she was just a day old. Rosie, now nearly six months old, was just a newborn when a dog playing in his yard mistook her for a chew toy and severely injured her rear legs.

Rosie has been receiving physical therapy and acupuncture to assist in her recovery. Her legs which were once completely paralyzed are now gaining strength and movement. Rosie had been using an old custom made dog wheelchair to get around for the first few months, but she was quickly outgrowing it.

Her caretakers contacted to inquire about their fully adjustable dog wheelchair - the Walkin' Wheels for Handicapped Pets. The company was pleased to offer a discounted Walkin' Wheels professional kit to help grant Rosie's holiday wish for a wheelchair that would grow with her! Complete with a one size fits all wheelchair frame that adjusts in height, length and width and five sets of different sized wheels, Rosie is now ready to roll on through her rehabilitation.

Rosie has developed quite an online presence that is complete with updated stories, photos and videos of her progress. Supporters are welcome to visit Rosie on her website (click on Rosie's photo from the homepage) or join her group (Rosie the Deer) on Facebook where they may follow along on her journey and make a contribution to support her medical care.

On behalf of Rosie, her caretakers at Los Robles Animal Hospital and everyone at, best wishes for the holidays and throughout the New Year! Thank you for your caring support!


Anonymous said...

How amazingly awesome is this ?????

Sandy said...

It is absolutely Incredible, wonderful, amazing, awesome, fantastic.