Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help from the Americans for a Dog Named Venus

Venus was hit by a car over 2 years ago. Surgery to correct her paralysis was unsuccessful. Upon realizing that she could no longer walk, her owners abandoned her with a veterinarian. The veterinarian contacted Eugenia - a local woman who single handedly assists the stray dogs of Romania because there are not many people who would otherwise provide care or contribute funding for them.

Eugenia has made it her mission to assist these animals. She has personally provided for the sterilization, medical care and adoption assistance of over 1,300 strays in Romania. Eugenia has also been actively involved in legislative efforts to prevent the euthanasia of healthy, stray dogs. Her efforts are comprehensively aimed at addressing the current problem of pet overpopulation while also seeking ways to prevent so many animals from becoming homeless in the first place.

Venus is one of several animals that Eugenia personally provides care for despite the limitations of her small pension and her physical disabilities. In her application to the Handicapped Pets Foundation, Eugenia explained that she really wanted to have a dog wheelchair so that Venus could once again experience the outside world without risking further injury brought on by dragging her rear legs. With limited financial and physical resources, the Handicapped Pets Foundation was her only hope to assist Venus.

The generous supporters of the Handicapped Pets Foundation responded and immediately contributed funding to Venus' appeal. Upon learning that Venus would be receiving a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from the Handicapped Pets Foundation, Eugenia was overwhelmed with gratitude and wrote the following reply:

"I remember that my father, who died in 1989, told me that he spent all his life with his eyes staring at the sky and waiting for the Americans to come. Nowadays, the situation has changed. We no longer need the Americans to free us from the communist regime. Venus has been staring at the sky for 2 years waiting for aid. It came from the Americans. My father, who was fond of animals, would be very proud of you. Love, Eugenia and Venus"

Thank you for your support of the Handicapped Pets Foundation and for making a difference in the lives of handicapped animals throughout the world!


Joan said...

This is a wonderful, heartwarming story. Thank you.

toursew said...

Bless both Eugenia and Venus