Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Paying it Forward with Walkin Wheels for Scooter

This is Scooter. He is currently available for adoption from the Second Chance Animal Rescue in Puerto Rico. The rescue is known on the island as the one that will go the extra mile for dogs that are struggling with a disability and having a more difficult time being placed in a permanent home.

Second Chance does not immediately consider euthanasia as the only solution for handicapped pets. Rather, they see physically challenged dogs as having overcome significant odds with a spirit and determination that are deserving of a second chance. They also believe that it is worth the wait for those special people to come along who are willing to look past a dog's handicap to his or her personality and soul and to imagine the possibilities. The shelter frequently has several handicapped pets in need of homes.

And for dogs like Scooter, the wait for a permanent home can seem endless especially since all he wants to do is to snuggle up and be loved. Scooter's eyes are always full of hope and he even does a little dance when he knows that he is next in line for kisses and hugs.

Second Chance is the same rescue that saved HandicappedPets.com's mascot Lucy from the side of the road when she was only five months old. Lucy was brought to New Hampshire and adopted by Courtney Dunning. Lucy also received a new Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from HandicappedPets.com.

Courtney's mother Wendy was so grateful for Lucy's donated Walkin' Wheels that she when learned there was another dog in need at the Second Chance Animal Rescue in Puerto Rico, she decided to pay it forward and purchased a Walkin' Wheels for Scooter.

Second Chance has lost count of the number of wheelchair rescues that they have assisted because so many of the dogs in Puerto Rico have suffered paralysis or lost limbs to motor vehicle accidents. However, the one number that the rescue can remember is zero - the number of wheelchair rescues that have been unable to find a permanent home.

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The Whitfields said...

Such a great blog! I have two handicapped felines and one golden retriever. So nice to see the wheels for our canines!