Monday, February 01, 2010

Wonderdog Faith in her Walkin' Wheels on Animal Planet

The Walkin' Wheels team at would like to commend the wonder team of Animal Planet's Underdog to Wonderdog for their efforts in transforming Faith. We have received countless positive responses to the program that aired this past Saturday, January 30th on Animal Planet.

Faith, a 12-week old Rottweiler/shepherd puppy that was recently abandoned at the Animal Center of Queens (ACQ), now has a loving family to call her own and is able to run and play like any other dog. We would like to acknowledge Lori Carpino and her team at the ACQ for taking the initiative to locate assistance for Faith's disability. All too often, people conclude that euthanasia is the only option for dogs like Faith who are experiencing mobility problems as a result of birth defects, injury or advanced age.

Faith is mobile thanks to her Walkin Wheels for Handicapped Pets - a revolutionary dog wheelchair that is fully adjustable in length, width and height to accommodate any size dog weighing from twenty to one-hundred fifty pounds. Since the Walkin' Wheels requires only one simple measurement of a dog's height, it can be ordered online at or by telephone at (888) 811-PETS, and it is available for next day delivery.

To see additional photos of Faith, to applaud other wonderdogs in their Walkin' Wheels and to learn more about caring for special needs pets, please become a fan of on Facebook.

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