Monday, March 22, 2010

Wally D. Writes about Walkin Wheels

Pictured at left is Wally D., and he likes to write letters. Recently, was honored to be the recipient of one of Wally's letters. With Wally's permission, we are publishing the letter to our blog for everyone to enjoy:

Dear People at

I do not know the name of the lady to whom this should be addressed, but this is why I am sending you this letter.

On February 22, my pet human called your offices and inquired about a new feature you have for the Walkin' Wheels wheelchair. Last year, he bought me a Walkin' Wheels outfit, and I really like it. In 2003, I had a very bad spinal cord injury and now that I am old, I cannot walk very much. With the Walkin' Wheels, I can visit my favorite trees and even flirt with the girls a little...but not too much since a number of years ago I was taken to a place called "The Vet's Office" where they did something that affected my masculinity, but I don't want to talk about that. But anyway, my pet human saw that you now have a new part for the Walkin' Wheels called "leg rings". He thought these would be good for me so he called your office to order them. My Walkin' Wheels didn't come equipped with them. It had the rear harness instead.

The nice lady who handled his call sent us a set of the new leg rings and did not even charge us for them. That was very nice. Also, I like them a whole lot!

My Walkin' Wheels are sure fun. I didn't have much fun in the first part of my life. I lived with some mean people who dumped me out in the country in the middle of the winter with no food and wearing only a piece of chain with a bolt through it for a collar. My hip was injured. One very cold day, my pet human found me near death in a roadside ditch with my wet, dirty hair frozen to the ground.

He took me home and got me warm and some food, and when I got better, I got a haircut. I thought you might like to see my "before and after" pictures. I look a bit embarrassed in my "after" picture because I was so skinny at the time. Well, I really like my new home and pet people. But unfortunately, one day, I was running through our family room when my rear legs slipped and my back twisted and my back broke. Then I had to get a big operation that helped me walk and shuffle along for quite a while, but now I can't do much and my pet people have to carry me a lot.

However, with my Walkin' Wheels, I can do a lot including playing with my step brother Ernie, a goofy Labrador Retriever. I am sending you a picture of me in my Walkin' Wheels while on a camping trip in Indiana. I can really zip down hills.

Well, I guess I will stop now and take a nap by the fireplace. Writing makes me tired, and my pet human complains that I slobber in the keyboard.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes.

Wally D.

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