Friday, April 23, 2010

Dog Wheelchair in Jennifer Lopez Movie Awareness for Handicapped Pets

As soon as the yard work is finished for the day, and I can put away the pink shovel, I am going to take my dog wheelchair to watch the new Jennifer Lopez movie "The Back Up Plan". I hear that there is a dog in a wheelchair starring right alongside J. Lo - Wow! Now, that will really create awareness for handicapped pets everywhere. I cannot wait to see Nubbins in his dog wheelchair!

Of course, a number of my friends who are also handicapped pets have already appeared in their own film about happy dogs in wheelchairs. I hope you will watch it at

You can also learn more about my dog wheelchair and purchase one for yourself by visiting I think you will be really impressed - it is the pet industry's first fully adjustable dog wheelchair. It is called the Walkin' Wheels for Handicapped Pets. It folds flat and easily adjusts without tools to fit any size dog. The Walkin' Wheels is also the ideal dog wheelchair for people who like to travel. My Walkin' Wheels came with a convenient tote bag where I can store it while I am on the road. It was invented by Mark C. Robinson. You can follow the inventor of Walkin' Wheels on his Twitter page.


dog clickers said...

What a great weblog with such a noble and beautiful cause. I'm now following you and will link back to you too! Cheers~

pat said...

I am really impressed with the movie writers and producers that included a handicap pet in the movie! It exposes people to options in providing a good quality of life handicap pets versus putting them down. Cheers!