Thursday, May 27, 2010

Customers Speak from Heart about Walkin Wheels maintains a presence on several social networking sites - you can Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, Subscribe to Us on You Tube. And it is here that we frequently experience the greatest rewards of providing products, services and support for handicapped pets. It is not in what we post, tweet or record but rather in what we get to experience from our customers who tell us and show us how much their pets' lives have changed for the better because one of our products such as the Walkin' Wheels for Handicapped Pets has made a difference.

A few weeks ago, one of our customers Yvonne B. posted very touching photos of her two dogs - Lori and Ami. Lori is a 15-year old German Pointer who now relies on the Walkin' Wheels for her daily walks in the woods. Accompanying Lori on her walks is her best friend and owner Yvonne along with their 20-year old Dachshund named Ami.

Yvonne wrote the following message of gratitude that we would like to share with you to give you hope for your pet's future should he or she ever encounter the need for a Walkin' Wheels.

"I am the most happy person in the world because I could give my 15 y. old Lori (a German Pointer) Walkin' Wheels. And she got her second life. Every day she covers a few km through the forest, she climbs sandy banks ! and she is able to walk very quickly ! She has muscle atrophy and neurological problems of rear legs.... She can't walk on her own. She was very sad girl. But now she wants to live and she is very happy. She lives like a young dog. Thank you Mark C. Robinson for your love to animals"

We hope that you will continue to join us online in our social networks and share in the joy that helping handicapped pets brings to our lives! Our sincere thanks to Yvonne and to all of our customers and supporters who cherish each and every moment that we are able to connect with our animal companions.

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Yvonne Botton said...

Thank you for your warm words and for a week with Lori and Ami. I appreciate it very much. And I'm happy that many people will see not only old dogs but also happy old dogs. Old handicapped pets may live happily ever after.

During more than fourteen years Lori run about 2 hours a day. And one day her rear legs refused to support her. We were doing our best but drug treatment won't help her.

About 3 weeks we walked only 10 minutes a day. I supported her rear legs and we weren't able to walk longer. Lori got very depressed. She was fading away. She was very sad.

And she received Walkin' Wheels. And... it was her "love" at first time (when I put her on a cart).

I’m at a loss for words to express my gratitude to Mark C. Robinson for creating Walkin' Wheels. My Lori needed not only a cart but an active life. There is no any other cart that let my Lori to feel free. Why? Walkin' Wheels gives my Lori:

1. comfort - every day Lori walks about 3 hours! and she isn't tired.

2. very maneuverable wheels - she may rotate a cart and walks where she wants. These super wheels let her run! And I'd like to mention that every day we are walking through the forest. It's a very difficult landform features - sand banks, hills, holes, protruding roots. And we are able to walk everywhwere!

You can see her happy face on my Facebook profile!/album.php?aid=231574&id=545658867

Yvonne Botton