Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Joint Supplements that Got Our Vote

We admit to being a bit skeptical about just how much joint supplements could aid our aging dogs with arthritis. Some of our own pets at HandicappedPets.com were certainly showing many of the twelve signs of canine arthritis such as slowing down, slow to get up, sleeping more and joint licking.

However, prior to offering joint supplements at HandicappedPets.com, we wanted our own personal proof that they really worked.

So, we decided what better way to find out if these supplements really could improve mobility than to try them out with our own dogs.

One of the first dogs to test drive the GlycanAid HA and Flexerna supplements was Neely, a soon to be 13-year old dog whose owner refuses to admit that this rescued mutt is a day over 2! Despite her owner's denial, it was clear that Neely was displaying the unmistakable signs of arthritis. With great reluctance and much skepticism, Lisa-Marie decided to give GlycanAid HA and Flexerna a try with Neely.

And since seeing is believing, here is an after video of Neely enjoying one of her favorite activities - dock diving into the lake to retrieve a ball!

Do GlycanAid and Flexerna really work? You be the judge.

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Sandra Diaferia said...

Its a nice video, i always love to see a dog enjoying activities that they love so much !! I'm just curious how the dog was feeling later on after her exersise. My dog is a 4 year old golden retriever with sever arthritis in both her knees and after her exersise she was uncomfortable and slow in getting up. Shes been on 2000mg of cosequin daily for two years. and yes there is improvement !!