Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Watching Over Me

HandicappedPets.com loves to feature a different profile pet of the week on our Facebook fan page. The profile pets are selected from among the many photos submitted by our customers. We ask that the pets be photographed using one of the products that are available at HandicappedPets.com. Many of our photos feature pets in their Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs. Occasionally, our customers share these photos as a tribute to a beloved pet who had the chance to use the dog wheelchair at the end of his or her life.

Such was the case this week for our current profile pet of the week - a wonderful Labrador named Guinness who is now playing fetch at Rainbow Bridge.

Guinness' owner Danielle wrote, "Our last few weeks with 'Guinness' were made so much more pleasurable by allowing him some mobility with his 'wheelz'. Getting to see him "run" a few more times was wonderful. Where he is now, no wheels needed .. the big man is running hard and retrieving anything and everything loving folks will toss or shoot for him!... RIP Rhumbline's Guinness is Good, JH 9/17/99 - 11/25/2010"

Danielle's message is so important to us because it is so rewarding to hear how our products give pets a second chance and help them live a longer more comfortable life.

This comment also made us realize that we should invite all of our fans to post a memorial tribute and photo to our Facebook page. We received numerous posts that are currently being added to a memorial photo album that we soon will share.

One of the many tributes was contributed by April Thompson in honor of her beloved Abby who crossed over after a battle with cancer.

April posted this photo and a message that read, "Abby passed away from a cancerous tumor on her face. She was the matron of our pack. I wrote this after sensing her over at our walking area. Hope you enjoy."

Watching over me
By April Thompson

I saw her today,
My girl that had to pass.
I caught a glimpse of her
She caught a glimpse of me.
I saw her standing there
So regal and tall in the grass.
She had been healed by loving hands.
And was as beautiful as could be.
As I stood there watching her
And she stood there watching me.
I walked to where I saw her, and a breeze
Began to blow.
I knelt down and placed my hand on the grass
Where she stood while I was watching her
While she was watching me.
Tears filled my eyes
As many memories filled my mind.
And I wiped a hand across my cheek
To swipe away the tears because I
Wouldn’t want us to cry while I was watching her,
Or while she was watching me.
I now know that she is near me and
That eases my soul.
I will have her with me.
Because I always was watching over her.
Like she is now watching over me.

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sad made me cry.