Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wheelchair Dog Dex Achieves First Title

We have been following Dex's story since his owner and handler Curtiss Lindsay of Lindsay Labs first contacted us about a wheelchair for his 12-week old Labrador Retriever. Dex's rear legs were accidentally crushed by his mother when he was only a week old. Efforts to save Dex's legs failed, and they had to be amputated. Curtiss Lindsay refused to give up on Dex. So, he went in search of a wheelchair that would adjust as his dog grew and be durable enough to accommodate the training of a hunting retriever dog. Curtiss purchased a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from and has been training his dog Dex for several months.

We recently learned this very exciting news and wanted to share it with you.

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Introducing SHR Lindsay's Delightful Dexaroni

"We have some very exciting news about Dex: through much hard work, determination, and perseverance Dex has earned the title of Started Hunting Retriever!! It has been a year-long road full of hospital stays and setbacks, but Dex has proven that anything is possible if you only believe. We attended the hunt test sponsored by the West Mississippi HRC this past weekend, and Dex sailed through both days of testing. He is such an inspiration to us. The first water mark of the weekend was by far the longest swim of his life. Dex would not back down from it. He belly flopped into the water and swam his little heart out until he reached the mark. He then turned around and swam back. When his tired body left the water to return the bird to hand, his tail was wagging. He brings us such joy, and we are so proud of him. When Dex was going through his surgeries for the double amputation, we did not know what sort of life he was going to be able to lead. We have done our best at trying to give him as normal of a life as possible. Dex has never slowed down, never given up, never taken no for an answer, and has never accepted anything to be an obstacle. He has taught us a great deal more than we could ever teach him. Dex has beaten the odds, and we just wanted all of his supporters to know that he reached the huge goal of getting his Started title (plus, this gives us proud parents a chance to talk about baby boy!). It has been an honor to be his “people parents” and we love sharing his story."

Watch Dex's land retrieval work below or by visiting this link here.

Watch Dex's water retrieval work below or by visiting this link here.

And after proving himself by land and by sea, Dex gets rewarded with his title ribbons! Watch below or at this link here.

All in a day's work at a job we love! Thank you for reading and sharing Dex's inspiring story of achievement!


Corinne said...

This is so nice to see Dex living a full life,thanks to his walking wheels,and of course his loving owners,the videos are great,please have a look.

Deborah said...

I have a disabled Cocker who has a lot of heart just like Dex and never gave up after three back injuries. I know how much perserverance is required on the part of both animal and human companions to achieve what Dex did. Congratulations to all, and I hope that you have many more joyous years together.

Sal said...

Wow what a touching story. Congrats to Dex on receiving the title of hunting dog!