Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Rescuer, Two Dogs and Four Wheels

HandicappedPets.com understands animal rescuers, and we greatly appreciate the personal sacrifices of time and resources that they make to find homes for pets in need. Recently, we had the honor of assisting animal rescuer Stacey Lawler and her two dogs Maggie Mea and Sweet Pea.

Stacey works with Save a Pet located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. Maggie Mea and Sweet Pea, who are both suffering from rear leg mobility problems, were two dogs that were assisted by Save a Pet prior to being adopted by Stacey herself.

Now that both dogs have started using their Walkin' Wheels, they are also beginning to train as therapy dogs. You can watch a short video clip of Maggie Mea and Sweet Pea's first steps in their Walkin' Wheels by clicking here.

Stacey is thrilled with the progress that Maggie Mea has made and shared this report, "My Maggie Mea, who was barely mobile for many months and had become depressed, is back to her happy self. She is getting more and more acclimated to her wheels. She is starting to get more energy and her front legs are getting stronger everyday. Thank you so VERY much for this wonderful gift of mobility for my girls!"

Sweet Pea is making similar mobility gains with her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair and recently served as an ambassador at a fundraiser for Save a Pet. Stacey reports that Sweet Pea really enjoyed the attention and is looking forward to making appearances at future fundraisers to support the shelter and show off her Walkin' Wheels!

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