Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drag Bag for Paralyzed Pets

Jake enjoys the freedom and protection of the Drag Bag
Yes, it really is called a drag bag.  After many discussions about what to call this item, we decided that it was best to keep it simple. When handicapped pets are not using their wheelchairs and they need to get around, they often have to drag their rear legs behind them.

While it is only natural for a pet to want to continue moving through his or her environment, this dragging can cause problems such as scrapes and bruising. For incontinent pets who are also paralyzed, it is nearly impossible to keep a pet diaper or a male wrap on while he or she is dragging across the kitchen floor.

So, the Walkin' Wheels Drag Bag can serve a dual purpose by providing protection for the dog or cat's hindquarters while also keeping a pet diaper or male wrap securely in place.

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