Friday, June 17, 2011

Pet People in Iowa

This morning's news reported about a group of people in Iowa who were helping to grant a dying man's wish to be reunited one last time with his dog.  The story of how a community cooperated to grant this homeless man's last wish and to provide a new home for his canine companion was so inspiring as the video below and linked here demonstrates.  

At, we already knew that there are many wonderful pet people in Iowa who are willing to go the extra mile to lend a hand to man's best friend, and this story reminded us of two other very special adoptions that took place there recently. 

One is our friend Duke - a dog who was found shot and paralyzed in the Des Moines River earlier this year.  Duke has since been adopted into a wonderful new home and keeps in touch with the community of supporters who rallied to raise money for his care and to publicize his need for a family.   He regularly posts updates on his Facebook page about life with his owner Susan and his canine siblings Theo and Molly.  And Duke continues to give back by raising money and awareness for other homeless animals.

Duke has also reached out and provided words of advice to his friend Chance who was recently rescued after becoming paralyzed in a collision with a train.  It appears as though Chance may have been cruelly left tied to the railroad tracks where he was hit.  Luckily, Chance also got a second chance at life thanks to another wonderful pet person from Iowa.  Sara has welcomed Chance into her home, and is also continuing to communicate with the many people who made his journey from paralyzed pup in Kansas to rock star on wheels in Iowa possible.

You can read more about Chance's journey in this report from the organization Pilots N Paws who transported Chance from Kansas to his doggie field of dreams in Iowa.

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