Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating Canine Rehab and Adoption

Beauty after surgery
There are so many reasons why Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs are the ideal choice for your canine rehabilitation needs.  One of the most important yet frequently overlooked uses of the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is as a rehabilitation device for a young dog that has been injured and is still growing.  In the past, when custom made dog wheelchairs were the only canine mobility option, caretakers attending to the rehabilitation needs of a young dog were faced with the decision to either wait until the dog was fully grown before providing it with a wheelchair or to purchase several different custom made wheelchairs to accommodate the dog's increases in height, weight and length.

Of course, neither of these options provided a solution that was both time and cost effective for the owner or the dog.  Waiting until a dog was fully grown before investing in a custom made wheelchair meant losing the opportunity for him or her to exercise and/or to possibly regain its mobility sooner.  Purchasing several different sizes of wheelchairs while the dog was still growing was extremely expensive, and it required a lot of guesswork with respect to rate of growth and determining when was the best time to order another custom made wheelchair.

Beauty recovering in her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
With the invention of the Walkin Wheels, a fully adjustable dog wheelchair, young dogs who became permanently or temporarily disabled suddenly had the opportunity to purchase just one wheelchair that could adjust in height, length and width to accommodate their growth as well as their changing mobility needs. 

Recently, we had the opportunity to provide a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair for a young dog that was rescued by the Georgia Humane Society.  The flat coated retriever named Beauty was only approximately six months old when she was found after being hit by a car in March 2011. offered a rescue discount towards the purchase of Beauty's Walkin' Wheels and shared her story with its customers and followers on our social networks.  Fans of and the Georgia Humane Society generously contributed towards the cost of Beauty's surgery and wheelchair.  Since it was believed that Beauty would ultimately recover her mobility following surgery and rehabilitation, the rescue organization wanted a dog wheelchair that could be used to aid in her recovery and then also be available to assist future dogs in need.

Beauty stands on her own two feet!
We are so thrilled to share the follow up report that Beauty has indeed fully regained the use of her rear legs, and she has also been adopted into a new home!  Our sincere thanks to everyone who shared her story and contributed towards the cost of her rehabilitation.  Your support helped Beauty recover and find a new home, and the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair will continue to assist other dogs in need of mobility assistance in the future.  It is a cause for celebration of canine rehabilitation and adoption!

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