Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Dog Needs a Wheelchair

There are a number of reasons why your dog may need a wheelchair whether it be as a result of a paralyzing injury, to assist with a decline in mobility caused by an illness or as a way to help him or her recover from surgery or to use while receiving rehabilitative therapy.  The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair from HandicappedPets.com is the ideal dog wheelchair for all of these situations because it can be adjusted to fit any size dog or any level of mobility from partial to complete paralysis of the rear legs.

Ordering a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is very simple.  Dog owners can place an order online using the HandicappedPets.com cart wizard which requires that you enter basic information about your dog's age, breed, weight, and provide one simple measurement of your dog's height.  The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair ships the same day you place your order, and overnight delivery is available.

The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is also ideal for use by rescue groups and animal shelters because it can be used by different sizes and breeds of dogs.  At HandicappedPets.com, we know that many rescue groups are struggling to provide basic care and shelter for the animals in their care.  So, we always offer a discount to rescue dogs who are in need of wheelchairs on either a temporary or long-term basis.

Chato has temporary wheels from a golf club cart!
Today, we learned about a dog named Chato who is currently residing in Cabo, Mexico.  Chato attracted the attention of a group of travelers who are as enthusiastic about Cabo as they are about helping Chato get back on his feet.

Most recently, Chato started using a handmade wheelchair that was fashioned out of the parts from a cart used to carry golf clubs.  While we appreciate the ingenuity, HandicappedPets.com would very much like to see Chato in a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair that will properly support and position his body for rehabilitative and/or permanent use as a mobility device.

The latest report indicates that, "Chato is eating very well and is playful with the other dogs and cats here. He barks at strangers that walk past the house and is happy to see me when I come home. Only now, he has no use of his back legs...even his tail no longer wags. He is strong in his upper-body and is able to pull himself around with his front legs and walk with me holding up his back-end."

If you are a member of Facebook, you can access Chato's full story in this note here.

We wanted to share Chato's from Cabo in the hopes that you may be able to assist in getting in his efforts to purchase a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.  Donations may be made to assist Chato here at the Merry's Dogs website.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in support of Chato!

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Cindy Long said...

Thank You guys soooo much for posting this on your site!! I commend you for your efferts to raise awareness and hope for this little guy!! HOPEFUL he can get some real "doggie"wheels soon!!!

Cindy Long
Indianapolis, IN