Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Protect Your Dog Wheelchair from Theft

Recently, there have been a number of news reports about dog wheelchairs being stolen from outside pet owners' properties.  While it is unimaginable what type of person would actually steal a dog wheelchair, we recognize the need to be able to secure such items.  One of the easiest ways to protect your dog wheelchair from theft is to be able to keep it in sight at all times.

Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
That is why we recommend the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair because it is the only canine cart that folds flat for easy transportation and storage.  In fact, the Walkin' Wheels is so lightweight and transportable that it is sold with a tote bag!  You will not have to worry about how you will be able to fit your dog wheelchair through doorways or into the car for special  trips to the beach or to the dog park.

In addition to being stylish and transportable, the veterinarian recommended Walkin' Wheels is also fully adjustable in height, length and width so it can be easily re-sized to fit different sizes of dogs and varying levels of mobility ranging from complete to partial paralysis of the rear legs.

To learn more about Walkin' Wheels and how to purchase a dog wheelchair that you can securely take with you wherever you and your pet travel, visit us online.

Cliffie loves visiting the beach in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair!

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