Monday, August 22, 2011

Profile Handicapped Pet of the Week

Pumpkin is waiting to be adopted!
The profile pet of the week is a regular feature at our facebook page.  The weekly pet is often modeling one of the many products available for elderly, disabled or injured pets.  Photos of dogs in their Walkin' Wheels wheelchairs are frequently submitted by their proud owners who want to showcase their canine companion and demonstrate how happy the dog is to be mobile again.

This week, however, our profile pet of the week is one who does not yet have a family to call her own.  Pumpkin is a rescue dog residing patiently with 160 other canines at a shelter in Greece. 

To assist in creating awareness about Pumpkin and help find her a home, we have selected her as our profile pet of the week for August 22, 2011.   We know that our fans from around the globe will be interested in helping this wonderful dog roll into a new home soon!

The following is a description of Pumpkin's rescue and rehabilitation as provided to us by Katerini Strays volunteer community.

"Our Pumpkin was found by the street. Probably hit by a car, she was left there crippled to die. But she is a fighter with a strong will to live! Playful, joyful, with a broken spine and no chance of ever walking since, as the vet told us, when we found her, it was almost a month past the accident. Many people offered to help. Mr Hourdakis offered a dog wheelchair! God bless him and all! Handicapped pets delivered the wheels at 11th May 2011. Our Pumpkin’ is off riding like the wind! She’s almost 19 kilos (41 pounds) now, she has no wounds from dragging her legs around any more, she’s vaccinated, will be spayed and she is 10 months old. We are looking for a loving home for her – people who will be committed to her well-being and willing to accept her unconditional love!"

A complete photo album of Pumpkin is also available for potential adopters.

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