Monday, September 26, 2011

Paralyzed Dogs Need Wheelchairs and More

Lexus in Walkin' Wheels Pink dog wheelchair (also in Blue)
When a dog is paralyzed and can no longer walk on its own due to a temporary or permanent disability, many pet owners search for mobility assistance with the Walkin' Wheels for Handicapped Pets.  The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is an ideal choice for pet owners because it fully adjusts to fit any size dog, requires only one simple measurement of a dog's height, and it can be ordered online or purchased locally at a dealer location such as a local veterinarian's office.  The Walkin' Wheels will give your dog freedom to run and play and get the exercise that he or she needs to enjoy a happy, healthy and active life.

Rescue dog Ru Ru enjoys roaming in his Drag Bag
However, dogs cannot be in wheelchairs for extended periods of time.  Dog wheelchairs are ideal for supervised exercise outside, providing the opportunity to take care of business when nature calls or while moving from room to room in the house.  Paralyzed dogs still need to be able to enjoy a comfortable and active life outside of their wheelchairs.

For this reason, offers a full array of products designed to help paralyzed dogs enjoy life whether they are relaxing on the floor in the family room, moving about the house, sleeping on the sofa or even while riding in the car.

Buster and Daisy relax on the Sofa Saver
Products such as our drag bag, sofa saver and safety belt are ideal choices for pet owners who want to provide an extra level of comfort and support for their paralyzed dogs.  The drag bag provides protection from cuts and scrapes while also ensuring a second level of protection against leaks for dogs that are incontinent.  The sofa saver will protect your furniture and car seats from pet hair while also providing extra protection against leaks and splatters.

Pet seat belts save lives
Pet seat belts are common sense for all dogs to use while riding in the car, and we offer our pet safety belts in sizes from small to extra large.  Any dog can become a distraction to its driver or become injured in a car accident if not properly restrained.  We especially recommend that handicapped pets be restrained with a pet seat belt while riding in the vehicle since they are not as capable of bracing themselves against sudden stops or sharp turns.

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Anonymous said...

my little chihuahua can not have surgery and the vet said to get a wheel chair for my baby hayley and i am going to buy her the pink. my little chihuahua was abused before i found her to give her her 4-ever home and has won my heart. she is still in treatment for a very bad diease called IMHA when she gets a little stronger i am getting her wheel chair. i like the one that animal planet show in the pink. i know she will do fine as she knows she is loved . i do not respect the people who abuses animals at little animal deserves to be glad that there are wheel chairs for sweet littl animals like my baby.