Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jack Russell Needs Dog Wheelchair

UPDATE - Thank you to everyone who contributed to Max's rescue group to help him get his Walkin' Wheels.  Max has reached his goal, and we look forward to seeing him in his new dog wheelchair!

Today, December 5, 2011, we are pleased to report that we have received a photo and an update on Max in his new Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.  His foster family reports that, "Max's Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair is truly a blessing that has enriched his life and you can see how happy he is now."

Max in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to help get Max mobile again.  To read about Max's rescue and his life before wheels, see report below. 

Max is approximately 13 yrs. old, and he suffers from cataracts and has degenerative myelopathy - the canine version of Lou Gehrig's disease.  He can no longer walk on his own as his rear legs are too weak.

Max is still full of spirit, and he has the will to live. 

Max's previous owners found themselves in a financial situation where they had lost both their jobs and home.  His family was entering a homeless shelter where they were not allowed to take their companion of thirteen years.  His family was headed to the veterinarian to have Max put to sleep when someone called the rescue group and asked if they could take the little guy.

Max's foster mom has a very big heart, and she is giving Max love and the home he deserves. However, she has to put Max in a sling to take him out and get some exercise.  If his rescue group could get a set of wheels for Max, it would enrich the rest of his life and ease the burden on his foster mom. will offer a rescue discount on the purchase of a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair for Max, and his rescue group C.A.R.E. Southcoast would be extremely grateful for contributions to assist with the cost of his wheelchair and medical care.  

Donations for Max can be made online here in care of Animal Advocates, Inc. Click the donate button in the upper right had corner of the page.  Please make a reference in your donation that it is for "Max's Wheels".

If you would prefer to send a check, please make it made payable to "C.A.R.E. Southcoast" with a reference to Max's Wheels and mail as follows:

C.A.R.E. Southcoast
596 Hathaway Rd.
New Bedford, MA 02740
Attn: Ruth Marshman 

Thank you for your support of Max and his efforts to get a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.  We look forward to reporting on his progress.

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