Friday, December 02, 2011

Sofa Saver and Drag Bag Better Together

While many of the products available at are specifically designed for use by pets with special needs, we also carry a number of items that benefit all pets regardless of whether they are elderly, disabled or injured.  All pets have similar needs, and many of our customers who visit our site for the products, service and support available for their disabled pets also want to have the opportunity to shop for other pets in their households.

Sofa Saver available from
One of our newest items is the Walkin' Wheels Sofa Saver for Handicapped Pets which protects your furniture and/or car upholstery from shedding, drool or other unintentional messes that our canine and feline companions occasionally create.  The sofa saver is constructed of brush polyester with a nylon backing that will help keep your furniture and car upholstery clean while allowing your pets to share the same comfortable seating that you enjoy.

The sofa saver can be machine washed and line dried.  Don't miss out on our limited time 50% off sale on sofa savers which are currently available for only $19.50!  Consider buying two so that you will always have one sofa saver available while the second one is being laundered. 

Cliffie in his Drag Bag for Handicapped Pets
The sofa saver is equally beneficial for households with a handicapped pet, and it is a perfect complementary product to our Walkin' Wheels Drag Bag for Handicapped Pets.  The drag bag provides protection against injuries from scraping when paralyzed pets ambulate across surfaces such as tile or hardwood floors.  The drag bag provides protection from injuries when pets are not using their Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs and also serves as a back up measure for incontinence products such as male wraps and pet diapers that can fall out of position when pets drag themselves.

To learn about how other caretakers of pets with special needs address mobility, incontinence and other issues facing elderly, disabled and injured pets, be sure to visit our handicapped pets help and advice forum.

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contemporary furniture said...

A fine assortment of products that you got here. That mat cover for the furniture will help prevent scratches or dirt while making doggy more comfortable.