Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Snow Day in the Life of Oscar

We could have a snow day here in New Hampshire tomorrow.  Okay, it is quite possible that it may become more of an icy morning, but the potential for a real snow day got us reminiscing about when we were kids.  Many of you may recall those snowy mornings way back before the internet and automated telephone calls when we had to get up early and listen to the radio in the hopes that our school's closing number would be announced.  And then it was off to build snow forts, pick snowball fights and try desperately to hang on for dear life as we "steered" our Flexible Flyer sleds down a hill filled with obstacles.

Oscar's Snow Day from cmerry on Vimeo.

If seeing Oscar enjoying the winter weather in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair and drag bag has brought back memories of your own snow days, we hope that you will share them in the comments section.  And if your snow day memories include time spent with a dog, tell us about his or her winter adventures, too!

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dee gilbert said...

Thanks for sharing Oscar's snow day video!! How wonderful it was to see him out and about, not letting the snow or his disability get in his way of fun! I'd never seen a drag bag in action; apparently it doesnt keep Oscar down!! He played so nicely w/the other dogs too! Great video!