Monday, February 27, 2012

Dog Wheelchair with All Wheel Drive

Ripley in her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
We were thrilled to receive this video update from Ripley - a former profile pet of the week on our Facebook page

Ripley enjoys using her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair in all types of weather and recently had the opportunity to showcase the all wheel drive capabilities of her fully adjustable canine cart.

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Stina said...

Awww how cute. She reminds me of my dear Jasper, whom you featured on here last October. He was a Blue Heeler Cattledog, just as Ripley appears to be. As soon as I saw the photo of her I thought of my dear Jasper right away. He loved his Walkin' Wheels - it gave him a new lease of life. Even if it was for just another 2 months before he went to Rainbow Bridge. He thanks you for the wonderful opportunity to have been able to walk again...even if it was for just a short time.
This is very cute.