Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rescuing Handicapped Pets

Cliffie heads to the beach in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
For many people who purchase dog wheelchairs, it is a decision based on wanting to help their own pet who is no longer able to walk as a result of injury or illness.  HandicappedPets.com feels privileged to be able to provide Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchairs to these pet owners, thereby extending the quantity and quality of the human-animal bond that we cherish so deeply.

The decision to purchase or to contribute towards the purchase of a dog wheelchair is also made when people become aware of a dog in need of rescue whose rear legs are either permanently paralyzed or who is in need of a dog wheelchair to recover from an injury and/or while undergoing canine rehabilitative therapy.  In these cases, HandicappedPets.com offers discounts to non-profit rescue groups and animal shelters and provides publicity assistance for those organizations involved in rescuing handicapped pets. 

Today, we would like to highlight two non-profit organizations - one assists financially struggling pet owners with affording the cost of veterinary care in an effort to reduce the number of pets being surrendered to animal shelters.  The other is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Chesapeake Bay retrievers. 

Fairy Tail Endings, Inc. is a local non-profit based in Sarasota, Florida dedicated to helping financially struggling families in Sarasota and Manatee Counties keep their pets and provide proper care through financial aid, product and service donations, education and outreach.  One of the organization's unique programs is the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair fund which was inspired by its ambassador Cliffie pictured above.

Although Cliffie always had an adventurous spirit, his mobility issues often limited his exploration to the backyard while his friends romped at the beach and park. His Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair has enriched his life, and now Cliffie works to help other dogs' mobility dreams come true!

Lula R. Chessie, spokesdog and Walkin' Wheels user
Lula R. Chessie is also a spokesdog for her non-profit organization - the Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin.   Due to her advanced age and medical conditions, Lula is a permanent resident of the organization's foster care program.  In an effort to raise money and awareness for the rescue of other members of her breed, Lula recently authored a book about her life titled "Lula's Second Chance - The Stories of a Rescue Chessie".  Proceeds from the sale of Lula's book will benefit the Chesapeake Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin.

Do you know of a non-profit that assists in the rescue of handicapped pets?  Does the organization need dog wheelchairs or other products to assist elderly, disabled and injured pets?  Tell us about it by sending an e-mail to lisa@handicappedpets.com or become a fan of HandicappedPets.com on Facebook and post a story.

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