Wednesday, April 04, 2012

WANTED Working Dogs in Walkin Wheels

Long John Hunter in Walkin' Wheels with friend on beach
Do you have a dog who is working in his or her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair?

Whether your wonder dog provides therapeutic comfort and companionship to hospital patients, serves as a spokes dog for your non-profit organization, or reports in for some other important duty, we want to hear your story!

Long John Hunter is an 11-year old rescued Great Dane who uses Walkin' Wheels and works as a therapy dog in hospitals near his home in New Jersey.

Long John Hunter taking a break at the hospital
We frequently receive media inquiries for stories about amazing handicapped pets, and we would like to be able to contact you for participation in upcoming reports being broadcast in your local area.  If you have a Walkin' Wheels Working Dog, send us a photo - including your location and a description of your pet's work - to 

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