Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Seeing Dog Wheelchair Double

Lucy is all smiles in her Walkin' Wheels dog wheeelchair
It's Walkin' Wheels Wednesday!  That means we are in search of our profile pet of the week to be posted on our Facebook page.  Each week we feature a different pet modeling one of the many pet products available at

As we began searching for recent submissions from among e-mails and posts on our timeline, we couldn't resist the happy hound smile of Lucy looking up at us with a gleeful grin.  Lucy's photo was too good not to share immediately, and we quickly posted it for all of our fans to see and share.

Gracie May is similarly stunning in her Walkin' Wheels
Earlier today as we were about to select Lucy as our profile pet of the week, it suddenly seemed as though we were seeing double. 

There on our Facebook page timeline was a photo and video of Gracie May - a similarly stunning Basset hound who could pass as Lucy's twin!

So, while Lucy is our profile pet this week, we wanted to share both of these beautiful Basset hounds with everyone.  Look for Gracie May as a future profile pet of the week and enjoy this exciting video of her in her Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bassets. We have a basset ourselves, but it is our pit bull that uses a wheelchair.