Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tank the Unstoppable Pit Bull

Tank the Unstoppable
Meet Tank the Unstoppable - a pit bull from Arkansas with a lot of love to give and endless determination to overcome a paralyzing injury.  Tank was a stray wandering the streets in search of a home to call his own.  Before Tank could settle in permanently with some kind folks who had begun feeding and looking after him, he was cruelly shot in the back and lost his ability to walk on all fours. 

Tank has made his way into the hearts and home of a family who cares for him, but he needs a little assistance in paying for his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair because he has had a number of other veterinary expenses lately.

In the true spirit of paying it forward, 50% of the cost of Tank's new Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair already has been donated. 

Onassis had his dog wheelchair stolen then recovered offered a 50% discount on the purchase of a Walkin' Wheels to another dog named Onassis who recently lost his dog wheelchair when it vanished along with his owner's stolen car.  Onassis's wheelchair has since been recovered. 

However, his owner is keeping the replacement Walkin' Wheels dog wheechair as a backup for Onassis and a loaner wheelchair for other dogs in their local area.  Robert McKee, the generous friend who purchased the replacement Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair for Onassis, has requested that we extend our discount to another dog in financial need. 

As requested, we have passed this discount along to Tank the Unstoppable, and he will be up and running soon!

If you would like to make a contribution towards the remaining balance of Tank's wheelchair and veterinary expenses, please click here for his chipin account.

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