Friday, July 20, 2012

Freedom for Chained and Paralyzed Dogs

Duke was adopted by Susan after he was rescued
from being found shot and dumped in a river
The freedom of movement that a dog in a wheelchair experiences the first time he or she returns to walking after being unable to move for a period of time is similar to the freedom that chained dogs experience the first time they are unleashed and allowed to run free. 

Bo and Brute now unchained and running free
in a fenced in yard
Recently, we learned of an organization in Iowa that is coordinating fence building projects for chained dogs.  One of the volunteers who participated in a recent project is our friend Susan whose canine companion Duke uses a Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair. 

We wanted to share this wonderful video of dogs Bo and Brute being unchained in the hopes that it will inspire your support to help more dogs become unchained and run free.

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Anonymous said...

Love Love Love this story. Thanks to everyone that made this possible!