Monday, July 02, 2012

Keeping Handicapped Pets Cool

Pet boots provide protection from hot pavement
As rising temperatures continue to plaque most parts of the country, would like to remind pet owners to keep their companions cool and well hydrated.  Do not leave dogs or cats in hot cars, and be sure to protect their paws from the scorching temperatures of hot pavement when they are out for walks.  Provide plenty of cool water for your pets to enjoy and refrain from long walks or excessive exercise during the heat wave.

Dogs in wheelchairs frequently wade in the water from beaches alongside lakes and oceans.  While we encourage keeping your elderly, disabled or injured pets cool, we want to be certain that they are always under direct supervision.  A sudden increase in the depth of the water or the effect of a wave crashing to the shore could quickly put your handicapped pet in water over his or her head.  Please carefully monitor your dog in a wheelchair at all times. 

Denali wades in Walkin' Wheels in Squam Lake
The Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair was designed to be easily transportable so that your disabled companion could always go along for the ride.  However, during periods of extreme heat, it is best to leave your dog at home unless he or she will be exiting the vehicle immediately upon arrival at your destination.  If you will be parking the car with your dog in it or stopping for some errands along the way, it would be best to leave your pet at home in the hot weather.

To see just how quickly the temperature can rise in a parked car, even with windows cracked open, please view the following video provided by veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward. 

Stay cool out there!

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