Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A Working Dog in a Wheelchair

Cowboy and Shari Facchine, MS PT, CCRT
Cowboy's owner Hope Stewart contacted us recently to extend a "big thank you" for helping her working dog lead an active life again.  All throughout his first 10 years, Cowboy had a job to do, whether it was working sheep, obedience training or hitting the trails for a hike, he was constantly on the move.  He is also a real people schmoozer!

Hope described Cowboy's recent transformation as follows:

"Due to a congenital abnormality in his spine and spondylosis, he began having serious problems a little over a year ago. With the help and encourgement of a wonderful canine rehabilitation therapist, Shari Facchine, we were able to get him walking again for a while but then he relapsed, and Shari convinced me to try Walkin' Wheels. Cowboy adjusted immediately - once he was hooked in, he was off and running. I can't tell you what this has done for his quality of life. While chasing deer is out (bummer he says!) he can now hike with me the more level trails and enjoy the outdoors with relative freedom. While working stock is no longer an option, he is working on nosework, so he has a job to keep him happy."

Click here or see below for a video of 11-year old Cowboy doing some nosework in his Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair.


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