Thursday, September 27, 2012

Wheelchair Dogs at Play with other Dogs

Scooter in his Runnin' Wheels
We frequently remind our customers and supporters that dogs in wheelchairs can live happy, healthy and active lives.  Wheelchair dogs can run and play fetch and even enjoy wading in the lake, river or ocean while using their Walkin' Wheels.

Of course, the real proof of just how happy and active wheelchair dogs can be comes in the form of videos submitted by our customers.  This week, we had the opportunity to watch our customers Calypso the Doberman Pinscher and Scooter the Border Collie playing with other dogs in their wheelchairs. 

The videos are posted below or you can follow these links to watch Calypso and Scooter online.  Please enjoy and share the message that, "Life doesn't have to be a drag for a handicapped pet!"

1 comment:

Esther E. Gilmore said...

The picture is very touching and brings a silent tear of joy to the eye. Dogs that are subject o those hind injuries will recover better with the help of this doggie wheelchair. Although I am wishing that no dog ever gets an accident that will require it.