Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Second Chance with Second Hand Dog Wheelchair

Lurlene has a second chance thanks to her
second hand Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair
This year as we reflect on what we are most inspires our gratitude, the caring and generosity of our customers is at the top of our list.  Our profile pet of the week is the lovely Lurlene, a rescued pit bull puppy who has been given a second chance thanks to the efforts of Mayday Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy

Grrty's Walkin' Wheels are now
helping rescue dog Lurlene
Miss Lurlene also has a set of wheels thanks to the generosity of Grrty's family.  They donated to Lurlene the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair that Grrty used for over three years before she passed away a few months ago. 

As we enter the season of giving, we would like to give thanks to all of our customers and supporters who help us make the mobility dreams come true for dogs like Grrty and Lurlene. 

Happy Thanksgiving from!


twizzlecat2 said...

nI received a wheelchair for my Oggie who has now gone to Rainbowbridge, a wonderful person read about him on a Blindsite for dogs and donated the cart to my Oggie. They even paid for the shipping. Thank God for good people. God Bless

Gayle Tauger said...

I'm a senior citizen on a fixed income and share my home with 8 rescued pets. My almost 12 year old puggie has no use of his hind legs, and it is difficult for me to carry him throughout my house, including up and down my stairs, onto my bed at night. I cannot have him sleep anywhere else as he is my heart. How would I go about applying for a second hand doggie wheelchair. Pugsley, my precious pug, is a cancer survivor, having had surger in 2011, but that, along with his paralysis, has not stopped him from being a special boy who is just a kind sould. Any information you can provide would be so appreciated. I live in Staten Island, NY, and have lived through Hurricane Sandy with gratitude that I still have my home, my pets are safe and I am able to take care of them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Gayle Tauger